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Working Out At Home

Our current situation of needing to stay inside, gyms being closed and public parks shut down. How do we adapt and continue to achieve the fitness goals we've set in place.

Although it's tough many of us don't have weights or equipment to properly lift and manage our fitness the way we need to.

I've got solutions. Body weight, Negatives and high intensity trainings will allow us to maintain and even grow during this time.

Bodyweight exercises are actually extremely hard when they're done right. Core exercises can always be done weightless and still provide the same benefits. Rep ranges differ without weights to allow our bodies to work just as hard if we were to have weights. I'm going to create at home workouts for people to follow which will allow you to keep up with your fitness, but most importantly increase your core strength which is the most important part of fitness.

Core strength is what allows you to squat heavy, deadlift heavy, maintain your form while doing every lift, lower back is part of your core that's where many people have pain while working out. This is a result of a lack in core strength, most people focus directly on abs. We can build every part of our body by building a strong core.

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