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What is a calorie deficit compared to a calorie surplus?

Basal Metabolic Rate is the amount of calories your body needs to stay alive. For example if you were in a coma how much fluid calories you’d need to sustain life. I apologize for the grim example but that’s the easiest way to make it understood. Setting up your macros properly will allow you to achieve your goal faster. Just focusing on calories will also allow you to achieve your goal, just slower and less efficiently if your macros are on point.

There are diets such as the keto diet that target fat loss specifically. I personally am not a fan of these diets. The reason being is sustainability, how long can you last on the keto diet? What happens when you then change back to a regular diet?
3500 Calories is a pound. Your deficit/surplus can be calculated by dividing or multiplying your number by a week and that's the weight you'll gain/lose. Logging food and keeping track of your macros may suprise you. TRY IT OUT
For example: If you’re eating at a 350 calorie surplus it’ll take you 10 days to gain a pound. If you’re eating at a 350 calorie deficit you’re going to lose 1 pound every 10 days. Don’t get weight confused with losing fat and gaining muscle. Weight isn’t the best gauge when that’s your goal. Gauging progress off of weight is extremely hard, unless the situation is very overweight then weight can be used as a measure for a period of time.

This is actually an easy concept to understand, this confuses many people because they tend to over analyze. It’s actually very simple, your intake must be more than your output to be in a caloric surplus. Vice versa when talking about a deficit your caloric output must be more than your intake.

The confusion starts at how does someone actually know what amount of calories am I burning ? I do cardio this is enough to make me lose weight. I burn a lot of calories in the gym.

This all needs to be taken into account. If the average person calculated every single they put into their body they’re typically really surprised. People who are trying to lose weight are typically really surprised that their calories are much higher than they thought. People trying to gain weight/muscle are surprised that they’re actually eating in a deficit.


Maintaining is eating at an equilibrium. This doesn't have to be an exact number. Your goal is to be around 100 calories over or under your daily expenditure. One day cancelling out the other. This will allow you to maintain your weight.


We're more than happy to get you set up with a meal plan and or workout plan to jumpstart your transformation. Let us know!

Message me with any questions I really would love to help.

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