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Our current situation

I'm just starting out this page, I'd like to build an entire fitness community where we can help each other progress and become the best WE can be. I won't be able to build this community immediately so please invite your friends, family and anyone who wants to better themselves.

The corona virus pandemic currently has many of us stressed, forcing us to do at home workouts. Gyms are closed, public parks are closed we're being asked to stay inside. Success comes in different ways for everyone, everyone has different goals. I want to hear your goals along with the rest of the Rayofit community. My goal for the Rayofit community is to provide insight, motivation, focus, information, education and whatever else is needed through our fitness journey.

I can help by giving workout tips, helping you to target specific areas, calisthenics, dieting, education, whatever needs to be done, don't be afraid to ASK for help! Remember even the most successful people in life asked for help.

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